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About Us


Plum Tree Preschool Millwater provides education and care for up to 30 children, including 10 children aged under two years

The service's philosophy promotes sustainable practices and respect for the environment.  At the centre the children are also learning to care and respect their environment by trying to reduce their carbon footprint. The children are involved in recycling and identifying soft plastics has become part of the daily routine.  The worm farm helps to minimize waste and is also helping to produce some healthy-looking vegetables in the garden. The children are keen gardeners and enjoy watering the plants, smelling the herbs and help to harvest the vegetables that are grown to eat. They are also involved in maintaining swan plants that attract monarch butterflies. They then follow the life cycle of the butterflies.  

A fundamental part of our programme is taking the children into the community (all age

groups). Regular walks in the local bush feature in the programme. The neighbouring park is also used to extend opportunities for children's physical activity. We also have planned outings, which we love parents to participate in. These include trips to local schools, special events, the library or places related to our focus.

Teachers have established relationships with local schools to support transitions for older children. They visit the local Silverdale primary school each term and other neighbouring schools throughout the year. Activities are based around the children’s interests to make it meaningful and fun. Self- help skills, developing independence, learning how to pay attention and social skills are some key focus areas we work on. We believe that if we support children in a holistic manner then they will thrive, their self-confidence will grow, which will in turn give them an array of skills that they can utilise not only during their transition to school but also throughout their lives.

Extra Curicula activities

Playball is available for the pre-school children in the warmer months. This happens each week and is an extra charge for parents.

Yoga classes are held weekly by Kate. This is optional and the children choose if they would like to attend.


Upcoming Events:
Visit to Silverdale primary school

The Tui room will be visiting the local school to watch their Christmas concert.

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