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Welcome to Plum Tree Preschool. We look forward to sharing your child’s journey of learning and development with you.

Ako ki te haere, haere ki te ako

Learn to journey, journey to learn

Tui room -3 to 5 year olds

In the Tui Room, children aged over three years confidently explore their environment. They participate with enthusiasm and engagement in free play as well as in more structured mat times. They demonstrate good relationships with their peers and teachers, negotiating their ideas and needs for play and exploration. Children engage in their chosen pursuits for sustained periods of time, with a particular focus on imaginative play and exploring nature. Teachers provide well-considered resources, and pose questions that support children's individual interests and group projects. 

Projects and inquires are based around the children’s emergent interests, we plan projects to further extend and develop their

knowledge. This planning is influenced by the Reggio Emilia approach. We embrace the tuakana–teina relationship. Older or more expert tuakana (preschoolers) help and guides the younger teina.


Fantail room - under 3's

Infants and toddlers in the Fantail room are well supported in their care routines. They enjoy exploring these peaceful, inviting and uncluttered spaces. Teachers know children well and connect centre and home experiences, fostering each child's developing sense of belonging and wellbeing. Teachers work respectfully and flexibly, following children's individual interests and supporting their individual stages of development. 

Our younger children enjoy uninterrupted periods of play; we work to their own routines in an unrushed pace. Our programme is influenced by the RIE philosophy. We give our babies respect and involve them in all care routines and value these as optimal times for quality interactions.

We place a lot of emphasis on the children exploring their world around them, through their senses. Babies and toddlers play together in the Fantail room. In the outdoors, all the children learn and play alongside each other. There are also opportunities throughout the day where the different age groups to explore on their own.


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